Dream Big Kid

Dream Big Kid

Just a good guy doing good

You cannot help all of the people, all of the time. You can only help some of the people, some of the time…

This is a lesson that’s taken me a lifetime to learn. There was a time I was helping literally everybody I couldn’t and I didn’t even notice that I had burned out.

The old saying “live to fight another day” kind of comes to mind here. I have to live, I have to survive another day or I will not be able to help anyone. I have to take care of my own self preservation before I can take care of anybody else. I have to be strong enough for me and them.

There’s a great song that also just came to mind by Ed Sheeran, the title is “save myself”… and the lyrics basically say just that oh, I have to save myself before I can save anyone else…

I have handed out $100,000 in VND for 2 days now, saying “Merry Christmas” to adults and children I felt were deserving. I’m being extra generous in my own neighborhood because I’ve lived abroad before. There was a time my kindness prevented a problem on the street. It’s a thin line to walk, you don’t want to draw the wrong attention.

This was one of my many recipients. Right after I left the coconut stand there was an old woman on corner, probably close to 80 years old. She was collecting cans and plastic bottles (used bottles can be sold in Vietnam). She appeared to have difficulty seeing, I slipped her one too 😉 she drew it closer to her face and smiled, so did my heart. And the world goes round and round…

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