Dream Big Kid

Dream Big Kid

Just a good guy doing good

Yep, this just happened for my breakfast team!

Customer service in the Philippines goes far above and beyond U.S. standards! I lived here, I should know. This trip is a little bit business and a littke plessure on the weekend. I have also been known to leave tips that go above and beyond. If minimum wage in the philippines is approximately 500 pesos per day, this tip puts them appx 10 days ahead 😉

Anyways, job well done. Thank you for letting me swim earlier than the pool hours and thanks for bringing my breakfast to the poolside!Fun fact: By tradition, you do not usually tip in the Philippines. When you when you have a larger group some places add what they call a service charge.

When i lived in the philippines years ago, a lot of a lot of people took care of me. I’ve enjoyed repaying the favor, between now and then, many times over. They are hard workers with amazing family values and very deserving people if you ask me.

See you again soon!

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