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Dream Big Kid

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Wow what a coincidence…

So you seen the movies where they go into a building and try to come out only to find its been quarantined, well that’s my life right now. I couldn’t believe it myself. I came to by V8 Vegetable Juice from a place called K-Market. I also wanted to get a video of the sunrise from the bridge near Landmark 81 (Ho Chi Minh’s tallest sky scraper). It was a little early for sunrise so I drank my juice in the lobby of the same building (Landmark 3 in Vinhomes Central Park). There are 7 or 8 landmark buildings about 45 stories high surrounding 3 sides of the 81 story building for a visualization. I bought the juice. When I finished my juice and went to walk out, I saw the police putting a fence around the building. They quarantined the whole high rise because two had tested postive for Covid19. They would not let me leave. Out of all the tall building in Ho Chi Minh, I had to be visiting the first one they ever quarantined in whole.

This happened why? I don’t know. Everything happens for a reason but oh well. I have been trying to make sense of something that doesn’t make sense. I learned on day 2 there was an even unluckier old woman passing through the lobby to get to the mall at the bottom of Landmark 81. The police closed the fence on her too. On the next day I asked a man if he spoke English, he shrugged his shoulders and walked away. I wanted to ask the old lady if she wanted anything to eat or drink. I saw another young lady ( normally I have better luck with the younger ones because most take English in school these days or are taught in English). She said, Yes I speak English. I asked her if she heard about the woman in the lobby. She said, no. So I pointed her our and asked her to ask the old lady if she needed anything and if I could interview her for my YouTube channel. The old lady politely declined both. Before parting I explained to the young lady how I too am kinda like the unlucky old lady, I just got stuck inside the building. I was lucky enough to get an AirBnB and invited the old lady up but she said she was afraid of Covid. I told the young lady I just couldn’t believe this was happening, her either. She said no one will want to visit her after this news. The building has made the media but today on day 6 we still have no idea how long they are keeping us 7, 14 or 21 days. I told the young lady whose name is Linh by the way, that yesterday was my birthday. She said, are you kidding! Yesterday was my birthday too! I said, are you kidding me!? I told her I sent all my friends a “big party and landmark 3 text” everyone said NO WAY! Again because the building is all over the news as the first high rise to be sealed off from the public. Anyways I got her contact info and she promised to update me if she heard anything about when the building might release us. She also updated me that she went down for a delivery and checked on the old lady again. I thought that she was so sweet for doing that on her own.

Anyways, being bored out of our minds like everyone else in the building. We have chatted at times like last night when I told her it was my anniversary and I sent my girl flowers. She said, are you kidding me? It’s my anniversary too! I was like WOW! Are you serious!? She said YES! I can’t believe so many similarities and coincidences. She sent me a picture of a delicious meal and I recognized it immediately as one of my new favorite restaurants. I told her “Let me guess where you ordered that from, Cheese Pasta, am I right? She was like OMG! This is too crazy! She was said it was almost creepy now. haha. I only met her for like 3 minutes downstairs but it seems we are living parallel lives. So weird I am trying to once again make sense of something I can’t make any sense of. I didn’t get a creepy feeling though. I believe in signs. I believe that God sends you signs, I also believe sometimes those signs come in the form of good people. I am talking about the people that you meet in life, no matter how briefly that carry a good positive energy and leave you feeling like some of it rubbed off on you or stuck with you after their departure. I think one of my previous posts mentions who a few times in my life I felt like I met a “real” angel just briefly in passing or on the train in Chicago and I could never say hi or see them again. I would always regret it later. I kind of felt that way when I first met her she was just a good natural woman. I can’t tell you how I know, but I just know she had a good heart and her actions with the old lady proved it.

I was thinking about why we met and at the same time she actually messaged me “there has to be a reason we met”. I told her I am not sure if it will ever make sense but we got time to figure it out. I hope we remain in touch because my face was hurting from smiling so much. She has restored my faith in humanity for now anyways.

Here is Linh talking to the old lady in the lobby (below). BTW I haven’t seen the old lady for the last 2 days, maybe they let her out after a negative covid test. Now the question is when will they let us out?

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