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Dream Big Kid

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Place: Ho Chi Minh night club on Bui Vien street. Song: Danza Kuduro. Objective: Letting go.

A few weeks back I set off to roam the far corners of the world once again. I made a stop in the Philippines to see friends/employees, we had a blast. I also had the fofollowing week of fun in Vietnam, which lead to this post. I hit the road after coming to the realization I have had “too much loss” in the last year. I hit the dance floor in a Vietnam night club to let go and to hopefully forget, at least for a moment. The music is so loud you can’t think ( even about your problems). This is where I saw her…and her two friends…on the dance floor… She owned it…all eyes on her…especially mine… Then my song came on “Danza Kuduro”. Me habla espanol mui malo but when I hear that song come on, I had to go dance with her…We did well with a few spins and a couple of dips. We rolled right into another spanish song, nailed that one too… A quick pause between songs and I finally got to ask her name. Instantly I caught her accent, she’s filipina! Ironic! I told her I use to live in the Philippines! She instantly made us bff’s. Thought it wierd I would come all the way to Vietnam and in my third day there, I meet a Filipina! I have very high respect for all Filipinos. I woke up the day I met her and said today “I am going to let go”, I’d been forcing myself to realize my 7 month marriage was a joke from the beginning, but I did love her dearly and her absence (even though it was my decision to end the marriage) hurt longer and more than I thought it would, still it had to be done. Sometimes love also means letting go. So I called my local friend who took a week off from his business to show me around Ho Chi Minh and apologized for getting a bit sad the first few nights I was there. I explained why and he undunderstood. I told him we are going dancing, there will be no more sadness! We did and this is how she entered my life. I got to spend the next one and a half days with her. She was letting go of something too…and the world goes round and round…

She is beautiful, here’s a glimpse…

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