Dream Big Kid

Dream Big Kid

Just a good guy doing good

Picked up the tab for a lady who helped me translate…

I ordered a 2nd ice tea. About 45 minutes later I noticed it never came. One challenge here in Vietnam is that when you ask for something, they nod yes. Even apparently when they don’t understand.

Anyways just paying it forward again.

Said Hello to her before I left. Turns out shes some type of travel blogger. Maybe I’ll hear from her (she can use the Contact Me page) if shes reading this… 😉 I am hoping I hear from here because I have many more ideas I’d like to discuss about blogging and if she is doing good with her own (and she said she was) then I am never to busy to learn some new tricks. Many people here in Vietnam do not have free time, they work their asses off. Most people here work 28 out of 30 days here in Ho Chi Minh city. Think about that the next time your bitchin about your hours.

Shes the one right behind me 🙂

I think there is a special place in heaven for people who help strangers, like she just helped me!

Call your mother, tell her you love her…

UPDATE: 03/05/2020

Turns out when I went to pay. They already paid their bill, they were just finishing their work project, enjoying the view at the amazing coffee shop as I was too. I had added a waitress to Facebook messenger before this little stunt. I told the people at the register I wanted to know how much their bill was. It was about $400,000 VND Vietnamese Dong ($20) Anways, I stuffed $400,000 into the bill fold and asked a waiter to deliver it. I left and later the waitress who had me on FB said they were refusing to take the money. I told her they can take it and use it on people who need it more than we do. I also told the waitress to tell them if they refuse a 2nd time, then she has been instructed to follow the request.

Turns out they split it up with staff who could really use it. Instead of helping two people feel special I helped several and the world goes round and round….

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