Dream Big Kid

Dream Big Kid

Just a good guy doing good

On my last day in Vietnam I made sure I hit an ATM and gave it all away…

If you go to Vietnam you’ll see a bunch of injured people. People missing limbs. Many of them are older so I can’t help but think they are victims of the war. A lot of the older poor people and younger poor people walk around selling lottery tickets. I gave them all decent cash and did not take any tickets so they could still sell them. Here are a few of my recipients. A couple below were only able to crawl around on the ground. I decided to say a prayer for all of them as I posted this… Even when you have nothing, its important to keep your faith…I have lost everything more than once…I try to stay humble and thankful for what I have. I wanted to see an orphanage but I got deathly ill the day before and I didn’t want to bring it to the children. I plan on returning in November to complete that goal…

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