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On a dating app? Here is what I do NOT like to see in a woman’s profile and WHY…

So I am an American from Chicago living in Ho Chi Minh City since November. Finding the right woman to be at my side has been a challenge. Especially when everyone thinks I just got off an airplane and that means I must have corona virus. I lived here before Corona so I don’t have Corona! Anyways, in the past, I tried dating apps and I quickly get disappointed. Here are some of the things I learned, some of the things I avoid as a guy searching for Mrs. Right online. Keep in mind I am a good guy, looking for a good girl. If you are a bad guy looking for a bad girl or vice versa, you can just ignore all of this haha. It’s just advice, what you do with it is up to you!

The number one thing I avoid is someone who is trying to hide their identity. They are hiding their identity online for a reason. If you respond to one of these you’re probably going to find a chick who has a boyfriend or a husband, who will likely be at your doorstep one morning. No profile picture, no photo, nothing = no thanks in my book. This is the number one type of profile I avoid. I mean seriously, who does this and expects a response?

Hidden identity. Cannot see all of her face, avoid it.
Hidden identity. Angry cat photos only are you serious? Avoid it.
Every 100% Asian has brown eyes. Colored contacts in an Asian just gives me that possessed feeling like you might need an exorcist or something. I avoid it. I also avoid fake boobs.  I like a woman who’s not afraid to be herself.
Profiles of women that are clearly using apps to enhance their beauty. I avoid it.
Women who is post ALL consist of expensive travel or an extravagant lifestyle. Such as expensive bags, clothing or 5 star resort photos. She will expect the same from you. If you can’t deliver, avoid it. While I could afford it, I have no interest in a high maintenance woman. It is a turn off in my book.
If you do not care about somebody’s dental hygiene, you don’t have to worry about avoiding people who wear masks. I avoid them, not because I’m worried about dental hygiene or perfect teeth because almost no one has Perfect Teeth. But because a smile is an important part of Attraction. If I can’t see it, I’m not going to waste my time.
I always pay attention to the details. They could be her friends flowers but unlikely. Do you want to date a girl with another admirer? If we should be posting recent photos, then it means it’s a recent admirer. If you’re going to type your profile in a foreign language. Make sure someone double checks it. Same advice for tatoos.
A quote my mother often told us “All that glitters is not GOLD”… Check all her pictures she might look like an animal loving Angel but she could be the Devil in disguise…
Perfect example of the coming above. This is the same animal loving angel (above). If she takes her clothes off online I guarantee she will take them off for anyone she meets offline. I avoid it. I like a girl with morals. I don’t mind a girl who can be naughty but it better be for my eyes only.
I avoid girls who are looking for guys who like 12 year old girls. I avoid any girls who use apps or do their makeup to try to make themselves look high schoolers. Be yourself instead. Any girl that is dumb enough to try to put an underage picture of herself online is begging to meet the wrong guy and she probably will. I avoid it.
Non-Korean women trying to look Korean or women with way too much makeup on. I avoid it. Go visit grandma and grandpa and get in touch with your roots. Learn to be happy with yourself.

Two of my favorite things, 1st the woman. A
very distant 2nd would be a Ferrari. I wrote a post about these two. I love beaches and I love bikinis. It’s important to look classy, not slutty or you’ll just look like stripper enjoying a day at the beach. Make sure the suit fits. Avoid it.
Great hair. “They say the hair is everything, you know. Have you ever buried your nose in a mountain of curls… just wanted to go to sleep forever?” Al Pacino ~ Scent of Women. Happiness is missing. Again check ALL her photos. Avoid it.
Happiness is missing in all her photos. This type of person could probably use a good friend. But you might also find her issues Run Deep and some people cannot be fixed. I am personally tired of trying to fix people. Missing happiness. I avoid it.
Again, happiness is missing. Her eyes look tired. I avoid it. Why? Because misery loves company. As much as you would like to bring her up chances are she will bring you down. A relationship should not be tiring.
While I think some colors look nice on women, I think colors that make you look like a rockstar or like you belong to the circus, should be avoided. Most of these people look unemployed. Go figure. I avoid it.
If your so confident why does your cellphone always block your face? Is your body all you have to offer? Girls whose only photos are in the gym, no thanks. News flash: If your body looks like this, you do not need to be in the gym. Take a break and enjoy life a bit. Also, a girl that gets too strong and starts having too much muscle starts to look like a lady boy overtime. A girl like this would never like a guy like me, so I avoid it. I don’t want to date a girl whose always in the gym. In the US the gym is the 2nd best hook up place, next to online dating of course. I’m not looking for hookups. I want something real and long lasting.
Again, the proof is in the details. She’s flying business or first class. She will not be happy with you and coach. I avoid gold diggers. I like a woman who is easy to please and happy with simple things.
Pay attention to details. What’s going on with her legs does she play football? Abuse? Avoid it.
Girls who only post pictures sitting on the bed or laying on the bed. This is exactly where you can expect to spend your first date. No thanks. Avoid it.
One profile picture with two people seriously? I like games but I don’t want to play a guessing game when I’m looking for a relationship online. Did it ever occur to you they might like your friend more? Avoid profiles where you can’t figure out which one is her.

Okay I said alot about the types of profiles I do NOT like. So in all fairness I thought I should tell you a couple of the things that I DO LIKE to see in a woman’s profile!

Women being one with nature. Love it!
Women showing love for animals. Love it!
My filter is set to Saigon, a big crowded City. If a Saigon woman posts pictures from the countryside it tells me she has an inner appreciation for nature. There will always be a place in her heart for her hometown. Love it!
If you ever meet a guy that says he does not like women who do yoga, he is lying. A women who is flexible A+ in my book! Love it!
Women who have profile pictures in native dress or costume. They’re obviously in touch with their roots. It’s usually a safe bet these types of women also hang on to the values their parents instilled in them. Remeber when you marry her, you also marry her parents. So a woman with good parents is another bonus in my book. Love it!
A simple woman in a simple surrounding. Showing enough to indicate there’s a great body under that dress that’s waiting to be discovered. She is not showing too much skin. She is not trying for a super set pose, she looks natural, just like her surrounding. Love it!
Did I tell you how much I love yoga? Oceanside yoga one of my favorites! Love it!

I hope you found some of what I wrote here helpful. I’m just trying to let you see through a guy’s eyes, a good guys eyes. If you’re looking for a bad boy, just pretend you didn’t hear any of this and you’re likely going to find one.

Once you find someone you feel a connection with, I suggest you pause on everybody else. Focus on the one that you like. Talking to multiple people might intertwine your feelings for the them and make it harder to sort them out later. In the worst-case scenario, it may make you start a relationship built on false feelings and that’s a relationship that should never have been started in the first place.

I am still single but I have found someone I enjoy being around. She recently invited me to spend time with her family, this meant the world to me because I have very little close family left in this world. So I am taking a break from all the apps, hopefully it’s a permanent break. Because I have fallen for her and I fell for all the right reasons. I know I love her, my reasons are plenty. I just want to be here for her. She had some bad luck lately. I am just trying to change her circumstances, change her life for the better. I just want to put kisses where he caused injury. I want to make her future better, brighter and happier. I want to be the shoulder she needs to rest on and at times the shoulder she needs to cry on. I want her to feel cared for when she finds her hand resting gently in mine. I want her to feel safe in my arms. I want her to know she is most attractive when she is happy. I want her to know that I am proud of the woman she is becoming. I want her I enjoy watching her, listening to her. I love her because she is educated. She is smart, she is funny. The list goes on and on. I want her to know I am here and I am ready to run into the good and bad times with her. It’s not always going to be easy but that’s life. I want to ride the roller coaster of life with her. I want to dance with her, run with her, hike with her, travel with her. I want to live life with her. I want to fall asleep after I help her fall asleep with my arms around her. I will always be listening for her laughter and her tears. I just hope she continues to open her heart to me. I’ll just keep praying.

Mom said “If you love someone tell them. Do not wait a minute, a second, a single day. Because you never know when you are seeing someone for the last time…” so I told her and we will see how this unfolds…

Mom also warned me that sometimes it will come back to you and sometimes it wont.

My best advice, “Never stop someone who is trying to love you…”

I will leave you with one of my poems…

A man is someone who doesn’t just say what he means but means what he says. A man someone who stands up for anything he believes in regardless of the cost. A Man is someone who listens to a
woman, understands her, defends her, protects her, sometimes even from herself. A man stands up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. A man takes a bullet for a stranger. A man sees something wrong and he does something about it, without thinking twice. A man loves with all his heart. A man suffers with all his heart. A man is good about winning and bad about losing but understands there’s always something to be learned when you lose so he can make himself better going forward. A man takes care of family first. A man is someone who demonstrates his worthiness
with actions rather than words. A man knows that life without risk is not life at all. A man knows not to risk more than he can afford to lose but understands that sometimes he is going to have to. A man
knows it doesn’t matter how many times he falls of the horse, all that matters is that he gets back on. A man knows how to calm a woman’s fears. A man knows what she wants to hear and what she needs to hear and knows there is a time and consequence for both. A man understands the importance of time. A man knows never is it too late, to make right, some wrongs. A man knows the
importance of prayers. A man never quits dreaming and never quits trying for the things he believes in. A man forgives. A man who finds a good woman to be at his side will work harder than one who doesn’t. A man trusts everyone or until he has a reason not to. A man can survive on his own but he
shouldn’t have to and that’s why Gods most beautiful creation is “the woman” 🙂

Copyright All Rights Reserved. Written by Angelo Canchola and dedicated to all women.

Call your mother, tell her you love her…

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