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On 10/02/2019 I said Good Bye to my Ex for the last time and then Alex walks in…

This post was lost in my drafts about 2 months ago, I think it’s worth a read so I brought it to life today.

It’s funny how life goes. I’m about to leave on a multi-stop international trip. I got divorced a week ago. Ex knows I’m leaving and told me she wanted to see me before I go. I know what she wants but I’m tired to being used for my body. Funny side note, I actually posted that on Facebook recently. That same night, I was used for my body LOL. Talk about jinxing yourself lol. We we’re very nice to each other the first few days after our divorce. On Sunday she said said she was going to call me after her work, she did not call or text me at all. Life goes on and I blew her off the next few days. Ignoring all her calls and denying her request to come over through text. Nevertheless, today 10/03/19, I agreed to meet her (one last time) before she went to work. She was nice again for the most part. However minutes before we arrived the place we intended to have breakfast, she almost went through a red light. I recently helped her get a driver’s license and a used car, keeping the last promise I made to her. Approaching the intersection the light turned yellow and I know she’d blow the red. I yelled stop, stop, STOP! She did not panic stop, she slowed to a stop totally blocking off pedestrians in the crosswalk.She then SCREAMED AT ME , I’m a great driver when you’re not in the car!!! I said, that’s funny becaue we have not even driven a few blocks and I’ve already heard one person honking at you! You’ll know you’re good driver when you no longer hear horns every single time you drive!

Anyways pulling over to the restaurant just after that intersection it was gagging me to invite her into have breakfast. However, my mother taught me to always be a gentleman. To always take the high road. Ironically, I think my mother also threw me a pass from heaven. There were no parking signs posted for construction, right where we usually park. I looked at my ex and said, no parking,! Looks like I’m going to have to have breakfast on my own! Saying it with a slight hint of excitement lol which only enraged her further. She she shouted, get out of my car! I’m glad I made her feel powerful, in her rage she forgot I actually paid for that car. I said, with pleasure, while stepping out. I closed the door with my back to her (saying to myself I will never look back). About 3 or 4 minutes later (I looked back, lol. I’m a softy and I have always been a very forgiving person). I caught a glimpse of her car through the door still parked outside. It takes her awhile to set up her GPS. I went outside, I tapped on the passenger side window. (now at this point some of you are probably thinking I’m going to bow down and try to reconcile). I said, “I know you think you’re really f*cking smart and you think your the world’s greatest driver on your 3rd day of driving, but your car is still in reverse. When you hit the gas, I just want you to know you’re going to go backwards.”

When you hope that your “last words” to an ex would be somthing nice, or bring closure…well now you can remember mine. Lol.

I saved the best for last, a beautiful woman walked into the diner where I was sitting at the counter. Her name was Alex. She came in to pick up a to-go order. She was dressed with one of my favorite things, blue jeans with several torn openings (one of my favorite things). She had a Larger sweat shirt, covering a much smaller and super sexy physique. She was proportionate in every way, she was definitely running on all eight cylinders. And I once again am reminded of how very Italian I am. Even though she was dressed down, I was intantly and happily captivated. I cannot express the importance of trying to find your Happyness (intentionally spelled wrong and my closest friends know why) immediately behind your hurt.

Time goes fast, you can never get back. Life is too short to live in misery. My divorce was not my fault, it was not my wish either. I remember a very old poem.

“If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was…”

Along with the first impressions of a person, I also believe there is a feeling one gets, that tells you in an instant, if the person is a good or bad person. I felt Alex was a good person, in an instant. So naturally, in typical Angelo fashion, I picked up the tab for her to-go order 😉

If it wasn’t for Alex, I would have sat here and been stumped a while, wondering why my ex had to scream at me and ruin the last couple minutes we would ever have together.

Sometimes bad memories are necessary to keep us strong, going forward I’ll avoid her completely.

I love reading success watching success stories about self made millionaires. I have noticed a trend, most of them talk about the importance of removing negative people from your life “even if they are family”…

UPDATE: 11/21 I made the trip around the world mentioned above. I also met a nice lady whome I have been discussing some new business ideas with in Vietnam. I am now in route on a second trip to research a couple of these business ideas in Saigon.

So about the ex and Alex, I believe that sometimes God can work just that fast! As quickly as he helps you let one exit, he can also let one enter.

Last, another favorite quote. “When one door closes in life, another door opens. The key is recognizing when you’re standing in those doorways”…

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