Dream Big Kid

Dream Big Kid

Just a good guy doing good

Many Vietnamese people are afraid of Foreigners…We have our own fears too! Haha!

ME: Hey come over and lets celebrate NO CORONA VIRUS!


I hope you enjoyed the laugh! During this tough time it is important to keep our spirits up. Love one another, hold one another, but don’t hold too many haha! I think Vietnam is a beautiful country, full of beautiful people. So if you are Vietnamese, please be nice to foreigners. Do not treat them like a zombie, zombies have feelings too (i think) haha.

I was treated almost like a celebrity before COVID19. Now almost everyone in public treats me like I am a ZOMBIE. Here is just one example. I was at a red light and took a phone call on my Bluetooth headset. When others heard me talking English, they went through the red light with 20 seconds remaining on the light, just to get away from me. You will see another post called “Being a foreigner in Ho Chi Minh BEFORE and DURING corona virus”, please read it. There you will find many before and after pictures of busy areas that now look like Ghost towns. You will also see a video of waitress at a Pho place that I have frequented for months even before corona, they know me! Still the waitress refused to come any closer than 3 meters when she took our order.

My best advice is this, if you see a foreigner, ask when they arrived, you can do that from a safe distance. If they arrived before December, they were here before corona, like me and like you. Offer a fist bumb, then use hand sanitizer and offer it to them too! If they say they arrived, last week, well then you better RUN THAT RED LIGHT! haha. PS Angelo is still single. You can reach me through the CONTACT PAGE or scan my Zalo QR Code there.

Call your mother, tell her you love her…

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