Dream Big Kid

Dream Big Kid

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I’m back in the Philippines, I lived here before…

I love the people here. I’ve come to have the highest respect for Filipinos long before I ever arrived year. One of best friend is Filipino. They work hard, their honest and people with strong faith. They’re amazing singers too, don’t believe me? Invite some out for karaoke lol and be prepared for a long night lol. I love the green tropical plants and trees everywhere. I don’t like the pollution. I don’t like the heat or humidity but at least it’s a little cooler this time of year.

I am happy when I am here. I am “at peace” in the Philippines. Especially at my current residence, it’s way off the beaten path. I was happy when I first put my feet on this continent and on all my return trips it somehow feels like I am “coming home”…

Maybe because I did live here before. I’ve been blessed to have seen more of the Philippines than most Filipinos have seen.

I’m looking into a fishing business, my initial research has inspired me to learn more. We’ll see where this road goes…

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