Dream Big Kid

Dream Big Kid

Just a good guy doing good

Do you believe in signs? I do and I’ve had plenty lately…

I recently traveled across the world to Angeles City Philippines with a close friend Sabrina. It has been way too long since you last saw her family, almost nine years.

I have always cared about Sabrina. I refer to her as my 75 lb Angel. Don’t let her size fool you she is one of the strongest women I know.

While I got to spend almost two weeks with her and her family, including a trip to Cebu and her parents neighboring island, knowing I was going to have to leave her on this side of the world came with heartache.

I saw a lot of signs telling me I should have stayed in the Philippines. I used to live there and I cannot begin to describe how kind hearter the people are there. Why did I leave?

About two months back I made the decision to move myself to Vietnam. I had tied up all the loose ends in my life. What I wasn’t expecting was what I am feeling now. Well to be completely honest, yeah I saw this coming. I mean I knew it was going to be sad to leave oh, but I just didn’t know it was going to be this damn hard. I left her this morning around 4:30 am. I am now in Singapore and almost done with my three-hour layover.

Sitting at my departure gate, the LED sign is rotating the flight after this is going right back to where I left Sabrina. Coincidence or a sign? I choose to believe the later. This morning’s departure was beautiful as it could be what’s my underlying sadness. Sabrina and her sisters who started singing Leaving on a Jet Plane and then one of her sister started playing it on her cell phone they all sing along it was really nice. After that song, the next song that came up in queue was Leader of the Band which is one of my mother’s favorite songs. It was only one of m a couple that we had playing on repeat atop her pillow as she passed away last June.

The tears are already flowing but when I heard that song the floodgates opened. I know it was my mother’s way of letting me know she was there.

Unfortunately as much as I love Sabrina. I know we are not on the same page right now. Who knows when our paths will cross again oh, but I will absolutely make sure that they do.

If you love someone, tell them, don’t wait. And if you really love someone prove it. Actions are always better than words.

Part of me wants to catch the next flight back to Clark. But I made promises to myself and to my family take a serious stab at new business ideas in Vietnam. So wish me luck oh, here I go!

Call your mother, tell her you love her.

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