Dream Big Kid

Dream Big Kid

Just a good guy doing good

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If you use the FORM BELOW I will be able to reply via email. If the form does not work try it on another device. You can also reach me through ZALO. I have provided my Zalo QR Code BELOW THE FORM.

I usually reply within 24 hours! Please do not use this form to request funds or a loan. This form can be used to tell me that you’re proud of me or to suggest another idea, another good deed. I am not in a lending business. I am in the get off your a*s, get out there, get a job like I did, walk through 2 ft of snow with 30 mile an hour winds and -30 degree weather,  let me inspire you instead business. I’m sorry I used to lend money but I got it back less than 2% of the time. It is most offencive when it comes from someone I know, because if I know you you know I have a, because if I know you then you know I have a business. You should ask me if I have work you can do first. Please note we are not hiring at this time and have no available work. If you borrow money froma friend, even $5 towards the balance here and there would help. That never happens people think when you got money that you will just forget about it. I will not forget how hard I worked. I will not forget the nights I slept on my desk. I didn’t do that for someone who just wants to put their hand out and take that hard earned money from me. In short I didn’t do the work so that you don’t have to. As Ma used to say “If you got two working legs, and two Working Hands and free time, you need to get off your a*s, out there and get a job”. There is always work to be found people just don’t want to take work they think is beneath them. Any job is better than no job. Even on the other side of the world I am still working overnight. All my neighbors lights are off and they are fast asleep in a nice cozy beds. I am up working, thinking, planning, grinding. Instead of spinning 2 minutes filling out this form and requesting money I suggest you spend 2 minutes planning your next move. Then do something about it. I hope you do not take this personally, but I get several requests for money “per day”, even through my social media. Most recently, my barber’s boyfriend who I only met twice, asked me for money to fix his cell phone so he could talk to his girlfriend. I’m sorry there are more important things in my life than my barber’s boyfriends cell phone.

Thanks for understanding.