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City of Chicago Employees Caught On Video Writing Wrongful “Parking on Sidewalk” Tickets and Refusing to Give Employee Identification Number On Request.

I created this blog just a month ago planning to get out and do good things GIVING help where help is needed for people in the community. I planned to do this once or twice a week. While I am making those efforts, it burns me to see City of Chicago employees writing “wrongful parking tickets” and TAKING from the very same people we’re trying to help. I came outside on Sunday 12/02/18 and was surprised to see not one but two meter maids circling vehicles up and down my street. They only roam the neighborhood to find parked cars (since there are no meters on side streets) with other violations, so they can write even more tickets.  I caught them on video doing this…(watch video) and then refusing to identify themselves. From what I recall, all City of Chicago employees are giving an Employee Number and must provide it upon request. Train and bus drivers are required to wear this number. If this changed please mention it in the comments. I left a note on his car “Do NOT pay this ticket I have a great video for you, call me!” I’m even go to the hearing with him if I can! Otherwise I will suggest he take the video and contest the ticket but even that takes time. It cost most people time off work. That’s why most just pay it. In Chicago if you do not pay within 14 days most tickets double. Go figure. If you think this was BS feel free to mention it in the comments and then SHARE it!

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