Dream Big Kid

Dream Big Kid

Just a good guy doing good

Always take care of the bathroom lady…it’s a rule of mine…

It started on the day Vietnam won a football game (soccer game) they’ve been trying to win for over 60 years. On the way to the bathroom I found myself a little more dizzy each time.

Those who know me, know I get more generous the more dizzy I tend to get. I started handing her $500,000 bills each time I used the restroom. It’s one of the largest bills in Vietnam, $500,000 VND. It’s $21.58 in USD. Let’s just say, she had a really good month.

Helping her,seeing her pure gratitude and getting her warm handshake, well that warmed me.

And the world go round and round…

I frequent the place rather often and she always remembers me and our first meeting. She is always sure to greet me with a big smile. I told her I will be free in the future! She said yes free, free! Because she knows she made a lot of money the first time around with me.

Saw her again after my recent Christmas break in the United States. Just feeling generous again.

There are tons of people to help here and I’m sure that she has some places she could put the money to good use.

Video on my YouTube page DreamBigKid

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