Dream Big Kid

Dream Big Kid

Just a good guy doing good

$20 for 3 tamales!

This super nice lady Works, she works like a horse as my mom would say. This lady is out here in all types of weather. I often buy tamales for my office from her on the way to work. She sits outside of a place called Chicago Produce on Lawrence in Chicago. It is approximately two blocks west of the Kimball Brown Line. Decided to make her day special. You know when you start out on the right foot even in my office it really sets the tone for the rest of the day. And this is what I like to do, I like helping people sometimes twenty bucks at a time sometimes a little bit more, sometimes even just a cup of coffee. Please swing by and do the same tell her you are friends Angelo, the property tax guy who did it first! PS there is another tamale vendor I mentioned in other posts who was actually robbed at gunpoint at her stand on Kimball near the grade school a little north of the brown line on the west side of the street. I eventually want to set up a day where we can all go there and buy $20 tamales each to get her back the $200 something dollars they took from her the year before last. The problem is her schedule seems to be a little more sporadic than the lady in this video. Thanks for watching Angelo! $20 for 3 tamales VIDEO

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