Dream Big Kid

Dream Big Kid

Just a good guy doing good

100% tip for my egg sandwiches.

Stayed downtown last night. My use to book us into a downtown hotel now and then, let us have a taste of the good life. We would make popcorn and bring it with us and do a movie night becsure hotels had cable TV. Coming home this morning I got behind a car with a broken mirror that look like a horse head. It instantly reminded me of my mother we was all about horses. From the time my sister gave her her only grandchild she instantly slow down on nursing and became a full-time Grandma riding horses is all she ever wanted to do with her granddaughter. My mom believed in signs so do I. The tears began to roll and laughter soon came through the tears. I love you Mom and I still feel you. I know you are still with me. I hope you are proud.

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